Printed & Flex Circuit Board Fabrication

Low Volume, Quick Turn to High Volume Fabrication and Assembly

Locations include USA, Europe and Asia
PCB Quick Turn capabilities:  PCB up to 12 layer in 24 hours, up to 36 layer in 72 hours, Flex 1 & 2 Layer in 24 hours, Rigid Flex in 48 hours
PCB Standard Capabilities: 48+ Layers, Impedance Control +/- 2.5%, SMT Pitch .010, Laser HDI Finished .003, Buried & Blind Via, .003 / .003 Line Width & Spacing, Minimum Drilled Hole .0098, Aspect Ration 15 to 1, Finished Thickness +/- 7%
Material Types: FR4 Tg 140, GETEK, Polyimide, RoHS Materials, FR4 Tg 170, Rogers, Duroid, Exotic Materials
Flex & Rigid-Flex Standard capabilities: Up to 30 layers Flex, Staggered Layer Flex, Blind and Buried Via, Book Binder

Overview of our Fabrication capabilities here.

MTi offers a full range of EMS solutions including rigid printed circuit boards, flex and rigid-flex, assembly and box builds, rework services, and more.  Solutions domestically and offshore.    Our capabilities include quick-turn prototype through high volume production.   We offer expertise in advance level technology products for commercial, medical and military applications.