Controlled Impedance, RF, Backplanes, High Speed Design, Optical Boards, Flex and Rigid Flex

  • Over 185 combined years of cutting edge industry experience our partner can bring your product to market faster. They employ only Senior Designers who have spent many years honing their skills using leading design platforms and utilizing the latest in technologies.
  • Tools used in layout include:  Cadence, PADS PowerPCB, Altium Designer, Veribest, Expedition
  • Common architectures and design capabilities are:  cPCI, PCI, PCIx, PCIe, VME, VMX, GTL, AGP, DDR1, DDR2, AMC

Mitara Technologies offers a complete PC board design service from concept through schematic capture to PC Board Layout.

On completion of your board design we will provide a comprehensive package containing all gerber files, drill files, centroid data, unicam, ICT, valor odb++ and drawings necessary for the fabrication and assembly of your printed circuit board.

If you also choose to use Mitara Technologies for your board fabrication needs, you will enjoy the benefits of seamless production without the delays and potential errors associated with transfer of files between different vendors. We can quote the complete package from schematic to finished circuit board at the same time. Use our Customer Input Checklist for PCB Design to provide the additional information we will need to design your PC board. Or you can Contact us directly.

Technical Experience (not limited to):Controlled Impedance, RF, Backplanes, High Speed Design, Optical Boards, Flex and Rigid Flex, High Density Interconnects (HDI)

Please click the image to view or download our DFM manual in pdf format. This document is intended as a general reference for pcb design guidelines.

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